Frequently Asked Questions

Where does your recycling come from?

Most of our recycling comes from the Denver Metro area. Local bike shops accumulate parts doing maintenance and repairs to bikes. The parts are collected in bins slated for the dump. Velo Bling Designs makes regular visits to these shops to collect the unwanted parts to refurbish and up-cycle them into new fun, functional art!

Other recycled parts come from several other manufacturers, that have defective, tested, or otherwise unsuitable for their use. Velo Bling Designs has partnered with these companies to save these "like new" parts from the landfill. This is why some of our pieces are shinier than others.

Where are you located?

Velo Bling Designs is located in many bike and gift shops across the US, Canada, and Japan. We are always bringing on new accounts in new towns. For your convenience we will soon list retail locations to our website where you can find us.

Are you still located at the Denver International Airport?

YES & NO...If you found and shopped with us at DIA, concourse 'C', THANK YOU! Many of you have come looking for us, only to find our kiosk was replaced with major league sport tee shirts & hats. What can we say but the powers to be felt a more commercial mall type store was better suited for the airport. 

As for the YES part of that question...You can find us in Concourse 'B', in a store called Mosaic. 

Are all your parts recycled?

No, most of our parts are recycled but for items that have anodized aluminum spoke nipples, we purchase them new because they don't look good all scratched up and we don't get that many colored ones in the recycling. We also make custom design wall clocks for customers who request them. These clocks are designed in CAD and then laser cut from stainless steel.

What other parts are used in your designs?

We use pewter beads locally made in the Denver area, color utility cord made in the USA, leather from a USA company, and various other glass, polymer clay, and metal beads including stainless steel. We provide quality handmade products made in the USA.

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